Evanna Lynch was born on August 16, 1991. She was born as Evanna Meaghan Naomi Lynch, her nicknames are Ev, Evy and Eva.

Evanna made her acting debut when she went and auditioned for Harry Potter and got the part of Luna Lovegood. There were more than 15,000 girls there auditioning for Luna and Evanna was the one to get the part.

Fun Facts

She has a cat named Luna and when it had kittens she named one Dumbledore and her cat Crookshanks died in 2006.

She is a vegetarian.

When she was 11 in 2003, she was disappointed that she was going to miss the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because of being hospitalized. However the hospital let her out for just a morning the day of the release. The bookstore arranged for her to get a copy that was signed by J.K. Rowling. When she arrived at the bookstore she was wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt, she had written “I Love Harry Potter” down her arm, she had painted her nails blue with Harry Potter on every other nail and the Golden Snitch on every other nail and she had drawn on Harry Potter glasses on her face.

She was a given a necklace by J.K. Rowling with a hare and moon pendant on it.

Speaks English, Gaelic and French.

Is a fan of Team Starkid and is close friends with many of the members.:)


(on why she likes the Harry Potter books) “Sometimes I’m stressed out and sick of things and I need to forget about them for a while. So in Harry Potter you’re taken to this wonderful imaginary world where everything is so different. But also the main characters are so real and modern so you can relate to them.”

Well….THANK YOU! I really like Evanna Lynch. She’s just so cute.:) Haha. Thanks again.

-Hermione G.


















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