1. Party Rock Anthem
  2. Pumped Up Kicks~Foster The People
  3. Nothing~The Script
  4. Someone Like You~Adele
  5. Who I Am~Jessica Andrews
  6. Good Life~OneRepublic
  7. Moves Like Jagger~Maroon 5
  8. Rolling In The Deep~Adele
  9. Back To Black~ Amy Winehouse
  10. Thnks fr th mmrs~Fallout Boy
  11. Doctor What~Chameleon Circuit
  12. What Does It Take~Dave Days
  13. Olive You~Dave Days
  14. You’ve Been On My Mind~Dave Days *I like Dave Days*
  15. The Bravest Man I Ever Knew~Ministry Of Magic
  16. Ascendio~Ministry of Magic
  17. Accio Love~Ministry of Magic
  18. Gryffindor Rally Cry~Ministry of Magic *I also very like Ministry of Magic* THANK YOU!!!